Sneak Dissin

Sneak dissin is a slang word that is used to describe covert verbal attacks aimed at someone. This term is very popular in the rap/hip hop culture, where rappers often say thing about other rappers in their lyrics without naming them. Rappers often shun sneak dissin, because most of them see individuals sneak dissing as weak and not strong enough to say what they mean and feel directly to the individual the diss is aimed at.

Though sneak dissing still happen in rap music, numerous rappers have made preemptive threats in their lyrics, aimed at those thinking about sneak dissing them. Rapper L’A Capone said in his song Round Here “Sneak dissing is bad for your health”, a clear threat that anyone that sneak diss him will have to face the consequences. Another rapper nam Chief Keef said in his famous I don’t Like song “Sneak dissers that's that sh*t I don't like”.

Though numerous rappers don’t approve of sneak dissing, majority of rappers tend to do so, which in part is due to the fact sneak dissing has a long history in the rap genre. It’s been there since the rap/hip hop genre started, and it certainly is showing no signs of stopping any time soon.

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