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Speaker Knockerz Speaker Knockerz (Real name Derek McAllister) was a young Hip Hop artist from South Carolina whom became famous on youtube as a result of his ‘Rico Story’ trilogy. His rap style was often described as being unique, and he was regarded as a great story teller as is evident from his ‘Rico Story’ trilogy. On March 6, 2014, after being missing for 3 days, Speaker Knockerz’ body was found unresponsive in his garage and was declared dead at 19 years old.

Rico Story Trilogy

Speaker Knockerz was well known for his ‘Rico Story’ trilogy which told the fictional story of a criminal name Rico. The trilogy has been viewed millions of times on youtube, and is one of the reasons that Speaker Knockerz became famous. The Rico Story trilogy is often compared to Meek Mill's 'Tony Story', but unlike the Rico Story, the Tony Story is based on true events.

Rico Story Part 1

The first episode tell the story of how Rico whom lost his job and get put out of the house and decides to rob a bank with his babymomma who is a undercover cop, and she set him up. While in prison, he meets Pedro, whom he befriends. Rico being broke, was unable to pay his bail, so Pedro reached out to his connection and plugged him to the dope game. Rico is now out of prison and a rising drug dealer, he later goes on to visit Pedro, whom ask him for a favor, seeing how Pedro was the reason he’s out of prison, he agrees. The first episode ends with Rico leaving the prison and gets pulled over by his babymomma and he kills her.

Rico Story Part 2

The second episode starts with Pedro convincing Rico to head to Brazil in an attempt to evade authorities, since he’s now labeled all over the news as a cop killer. Pedro offers Rico a lucrative deal which he can’t refuse, since he’s low on money. Rico then head to Brazil, while on the plane, he meets a girl named Nikki whom tells him she’s a drug dealer. Rico decides to let Nikki ride with her since she had no ride and later head to the trap house with her, once there, he was surrounded by cops, but managed to shoot his way out. He later ran to Pedro’s place all bloodied, Pedro starts telling him about Nikki, and then later shoots Rico in the head, concluding the second episode.

Rico Story Part 3

The third story starts with a news reporter reporting on the wave of violence happening in Brazil, she ends mentioning about Rico, and claim that Rico, though he’s in critical condition , managed to survive his headshot. Pedro thought that Rico was with the Feds, but is now realizing that he was wrong. As time passes, Rico’s condition gets better, as he’s about to leave the hospital, he’s told, he’s not heading home but instead to jail for killing a cop. He’s then sentenced to death. While heading to death row, the bus carrying him comes under attack, Pedro crack open Rico’s handcuffs, Swat along with Nikki later arrive and a shootout ensued, when the dust settled, Pedro, Rico, and Nikki are all shot, though the story doesn’t indicate they’re dead, it’s fair to assume that’s the case.

Speaker Knockerz Dead

On March 6, 2014, after being missing for 3 days, Speaker Knockerz was found dead in his garage. Due to the fact that there were no signs of trauma on his body, authorities believe there was no foul play. His death was later reported to be the result of a heart attack. Toxicology reports are pending to find out if the heart attack was the result of any substances such as narcotics and such. Speaker Knockerz’ death came as a shock to his fans due to the fact he was only 19 years old at the time. He then left the Speaker Knockerz brand to his life long friend SosaBaby (Alex Sosa). SosaBaby went on to create hit songs such as "Freak hoe", "What they gonna do". He has since then insisted the help of fellow artist " Mook" as well as "Lil Knock". He has went on to sign a 3 year record deal with " Taliban entertainment " worth an estimated $100,000 as well as releasing a album "Flight delayed". Projected net worth of the brand is said to be $250,000-$400,000.

Following his death, numerous friends, families, and fellow hip hop artists took to social networks to pay their respect. P Rico, a Chicago drill rapper, tweeted “I DIDNT BELIEVE IT, BT R.I.P @SpeakerKnockerz ON GRANDMA I ROCK WIT YO SHYT ON JOJO!!!!!!!!!!! #RESPECT #JOJOGANG,”. Fredo Santa posted on Instagram “Old 2012 in Atlanta Me Reese Durk-Rap Artist" class="wiki wikinew text-danger tips">lil Durk & @speakerknockerz rip lil homie @speakerknockerz,” .

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