Spenzo is a rap artist from Chicago’s Southside. Spenzo grew up in Englewood and his songs try to paint a picture of what those living there sees on the daily. Spenzo is often considered as part of the drill scene in Chicago, though in past interviews he claimed he was not. Spenzo’s style is often compared to that of fellow Chicago rapper Chief Keef, whom he gave a shout out in the video for his song ‘Understand Me’.

Spenzo is often regarded as the next great lyricist to come out of Chicago, during an interview with redeye, Chief Keef surprised everyone by comparing Spenzo to a young Lupe Fiasco. Spenzo says some of his favorite rappers are Drake, Meek Mill, and Kendrick Lamar. He claims he only like listening to Drake when he’s rapping and not actually being emotional.

Spenzo’s Father

Spenzo does not live his biological dad, he’s been living with his stepfather since he was three. His stepfather who he claimed influenced him as an artist is a DJ from the Chicago area known as the Low End, and went by the name DJ Dion. His stepfather is part of the Juice Squad DJs, and Spenzo use to travel with him.

Spenzo Vs XXL Magazine

In March 2013, XXL magazine released their ‘2013 Freshmen list’ which lists some of the up and coming rappers who’ve had the biggest impact in the rap world. Spenzo quickly realized the lack of representation from Chicago’s rappers whom have been having a very good year, especially those that are part of the drill music scene. Spenzo went on twitter to voice his disappointment by saying “And They Didn’t Even Put @ChiefKeef name in the Credits Just A Picture Wow That’s’s Not Even Right..”. Chief Keef was the only rap artist from Chicago and was placed at number 11, which means it was more of an honorable mention than anything else.

Spenzo’s Songs and Mixtapes

Spenzo has released a couple of mixtapes including “Ain’t You Spenzo” and “In Spenzo We Trust”, both of them received great review from critics and fan. Some of Spenzo’s most popular songs include ‘Go In’, ‘Understand Me’, ‘Powerful’, ‘In Spenzo We Trust’, ‘Go Crazy’, as well as countless other songs.

Spenzo Performance

Spenzo performed at the 2014 Chicago Football Classics on September,20th 2014

Go In Video by Spenzo

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