Steve Drive-Gang

Steve Drive is a name adopted by some members of the Black Disciples gang in Chicago in honor of one of their fallen members, Steven “Lil Steve” McGee. Lil Steve was murdered in 2011 when a man popped out of an alley and fired multiple shots, striking him in the upper torso and head. Lil Steve was taken to a nearby hospital but was soon pronounced dead by the hospital.

One of the individuals whom pay a lot of homage to Lil Steve is Black Disciples rapper ‘RondoNumbaNine’, whom has mentioned him in a number of his songs. RondoNumbaNine also had a mixtape titled “Steve Drive”.

It’s very common for gangs in Chicago to adopt nickname in honor of their dead members; one of the more popular gang nickname is ‘O’Block’ in honor of Odee Perry, which became popular due to the rise of rapper Chief Keef whom is from the area.

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