Stunt Meaning

Stunt (Slang)

Stunt is often used as a slang word which means to show off. Stunt is very similar to the word Flex, they are both used the same way.

Stunt slang examples

Stunt is mostly used as a verb, such as “I’m gonna stunt on these suckas”. Rap musician 50 Cent had a song titled ‘Stunt 101’ in which he says “I'll teach you how to stunt - My wrists stay rocked up - My TV's pop up in a Maybach benz”. This line from 50 Cent is basically saying he’ll show you to stunt(show off) properly, he’s showing off by having some rocks(diamond) in his wrist, and he’s driving a luxury car with a tv in it.

Stunt can also be used as a noun. People often call girls who are showing off their bodies without any intentions of interacting with those around her a ‘stunt’. Any girl that’s a tease can be called a stunt.

Stunt (Regular Meaning)

Stunt is also an English verb that means “to prevent the normal growth, development or progress of something”.

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