TTB Nez is an up-and-coming rapper from the South Side of Chicago, Illinois. Nez is also a member of the Black P. Stone gang set known as SuWuTTB. Some of TTB Nez' most popular songs include "Life Of A Demon", "Fuck Da Opp", and "Chiraq Remix" among others.

TTB Nez and L'A Capone

TTB Nez released his song 'F*ck Da Opp' a little before L'A Capone was murdered, in the song he said 'Catch Lil LA from 600, I'm gonna shoot him in his face', this line from his song lead many to believe that TTB Nez or at least his gang played a part in L'A Capone's murder. Following L'A Capone's death, many individuals credited 051 Young Money for the murder.

TTB Nez - Chiraq Remix Video

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