Tara Wallace

Tara Wallace was born “Taranasha Wallace” on December 30, 1982, in Mccomb, Mississippi. attended University at Jackson State where she received a degree in Dramatic Arts. Then she moved to New York to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. There, she earned an MFA degree in acting from New York’s Actors Studio Drama School. Reportedly, Wallace started out working in a Virgin Megastore in down town New York City. She was able to get a few gigs doing commercials and working in community theatre. She was also reportedly involved in off-broadway shows, both musicals and theatre productions. Then she got a job at a downtown night club and lounge working as a manager.

Then, around the year 2000, Wallace began dating rapper Peter Gunz. The couple’s relationship lasted for 13 years. They have two boys: Jamison (7) and Kaz (4). The couple has been on rocky terms lately and some sources report that they’ve broken up, whereas others report that they may be looking to tie the knot. Gunz had a relationship on the side with Amina Buddafly. The story came out when all three were part of the Love & Hip Hop cast. After the affair came out, Wallace and Gunz broke up. Now Buddafly and Gunz have a baby girl together. The future of their relationship is unclear.

Wallace joined Love & Hip Hop in 2013 for the show’s fourth season. She was scandalized by the affair of her long-time boyfriend with Buddafly in that season, however, she powered through and will be on the upcoming sixth season which is to air stating in a few weeks. The next season promises more drama as Gunz supposedly wants the women to reconcile and be able to get along.

Wallace and Gunz share custody of their two boys. Currently Wallace lives on her own and does much of the taking care of the boys. In 2014, the actress reported that her sons still didn’t know that she had broken up with their father and that he had a child with another woman. Earlier this year, Wallace and Gunz were seen attending a wedding together. Rumors following the wedding pointed towards a divorce between Gunz and Buddafly, however nothing firm has come of it. For those looking to see the next bit of drama, in Tara Wallace’s life, they’ll have to watch the show.

Meanwhile, Wallace continues to manage a restaurant in the meat-packing district of New York city on the side while starring in Love & Hip Hop.

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