Thot Definition
Thot Definition
Thot is a slang term meaning ‘That Hoe Out There’, but many people have define it as 'That Hoe Over There'. Katie Got Bandz posted on here twitter that thot actually stands for 'That Hoe Out There'. Though Thot is actually an acronym, it’s used as a noun in everyday language. An example of how the word is used is as follow “I need to find a thot and introduce her to my pole”. Thot is an offensive word(to those with morals), it’s very similar to the word ‘Hoe’ and ‘Slut’.

Thot is mostly used in Chicago, Illinois; it has recently been gaining popularity due to the rise of Chicago’s music, and has been used by rap artists such as Chief Keef, Lil Herb, Chance The Rapper, Lil JoJo among others. In the song ‘Macaroni Time’ Chief Keef says “She wanna be a Glory girl but she don't like my Glory guys - I know this b*tch a thot she wanna meet my momma now - But unh-unh I gotta QP of Earth rolling, let's get high”. Chance the Rapper also said it in his song ‘Pusha Man/Paranoia’ in which he said “Got neck from all these thots I sex”.

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