Tookaville is a name adopted by the St Lawrence Boys(STL) gang, which is an Insane gang set comprised of Black Disciples, Gangster Disciples, and various other gangs. The Tookaville name was adopted after one of their members Shondale “Tooka” Gregory was gunned down sometime in 2011. Tookaville is currently at war with various gang sets in Chicago including Lamron and 600, both Black Disciples gang sets. Both gangs have repeatedly attack each other in songs by rappers in their gangs, such as LA Capone(600 gang member) whom dissed Shondale in his song "Play for Keeps" by saying "Shondale how that hot sh*t feel". Tookaville is also at war with 051 Young Money a set of the Mickey Cobras and East Haiti 360 a set of Zoe Pound.

Tookaville and Tooka Gang

Tooka gang is another name STL goes by, they were both adopted for the same reason, to honor Shondale “Tooka” Gregory. The difference between the two is Tookaville is used as a reference to the territory of the STL gang members, while Tooka gang refers to the gang and its members. STL also goes by various other names.

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