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Turn up(Turnt up) is a slang word with multiple meanings. Its usage has been on the rise for the past years due to its popularity in hip hop culture. The first and possibly more common meaning for the term turn up is to describe someone who’s under the influence of a drug, such as molly, Sizzurp, alcohol, coke, marijuana, etc.. Another definition for the slang ‘turn up’ is to describe someone getting loose or going wild.

Turn Up Examples

For the first definition of turn up which describes someone high on drug, that person might say “I just popped a pill, I’m turnt up”. The second meaning which means getting loose or acting crazy, “It’s time to turn up, I’m heading to the bar” or “They just killed my bro, it’s time to turn up on them opps”.

In a song by Soulja Boy titled ‘Turn Up’ featuring Fredo Santana and Tadoe, Fredo Santana says “Turn up on a f*ck n*gga, we don't give no f*ck - We got thirties in the cut, we'll f*ck you up”, Fredo is basically saying he’ll go crazy on a n*gga, and he don’t give a f*ck because he and his homies have guns with 30 clips in their spot”. In the song ‘All The Way Turnt Up” by Roscoe Dash he says “I be so turnt up, I be swagging to the max - If you get it in, and you getting dough - Gon' pop a bottle, this right here your song - Purple by the zone, you can smell it on my clothes”.

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