Yas (Iranian Rapper)

Yas is the first rapper authorized to perform in Iran and is considered to be one of the greatest Persian rappers of all time. Yas was born 'Yaser Bakhtiari' in 1982 in Tehran, Iran. Yas was influenced by Persian poetry as well as American rapper Tupac Shakur. When Yas was 16 years old, his father whom traveled abroad, started bringing back Tupac CDs for him to listen to which led to his love for Hip Hop.

Yas Influence

Yas’ accomplishments paved the way for new rappers to perform in Iran. Though it was illegal for individuals to perform in Iran prior to Yas, today, numerous rappers are letting their voices be heard, and challenging the economic disparity that exists in Iran.

Yas And Tech N9ne Collaboration

In 2014, Yas and Tech Nine worked together to release a rap video titled ‘Sound of Unity’. Though not the first instance of an Iranian rapper working with an American rapper, Yas and Tech N9ne’s collaboration is often regarded as the highest profile U.S.-Iran rap collaboration to date.

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