051 Melly

051 Melly (born Yarmel Williams) was a Black Disciples gang member and a member of the 051 Young Money gang. He’s regarded as one of the gang’s top hittas with multiple hits being credited to him. In 2018, Melly was shot along with his friend MUBU Krump; Krump would later die of his injuries while Melly survived.

Melly vs Bayzoo

During a live video chat with Bayzoo, a rival gang member of THF 46, Melly told him, if killing wasn’t illegal, he’d spit on him when he’s done. Bayzoo is a notorious member of the Black Disciple set, THF 46. THF 46 is one of 051 Young Money’s biggest rival.

051 Melly Death

051 Melly was shot to death while attending a party in Jaro city in memory of fallen STLEBT member CantGetRight (CGR). His shooting was caught on camera by Travis (Jaro), one of the members in attendance. Speculation of who shot him quickly became a hot topic of discussion since there was no immediate retaliation on his shooter at the party. This led many to believe he was setup by friendly gang members. Though the reason wasn’t release, the Chicago Police Department soon named Nate, a member of TW (Tyquan World), as a suspect in his death.

Less than a month after Melly’s death, the individual who recorded him getting shot, Travis (Jaro), was shot and killed while he was on Facebook Live with his sister. Though many initially believed he was killed as retaliation by 051, it was later revealed he was killed as a result of a personal beef.

051 Vs TW

Prior to Melly’s death, TW and 051 weren’t seen as mortal enemies though they had their issues with each other, but after Melly’s death, many believed that the relationship reached a point where they could no longer be on friendly terms.

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