600 Breezy

600Breezy is an up-and-coming rapper from the southside of Chicago, Illinois. 600Breezy has released numerous music videos & projects on youtube which includes "Biggie Smalls remix Who Shot Ya & Nas & Raekwon Verbal Intercourse(600 Breezy - Don't Get Smoked Lyrics|Don't Get Smoked))" and "24 Bars3". LOU RAWLS, Ha, Free Smoke a remix from Drakes More Life Free Smoke )) he has his own music label & business partners like EMPIRE Distribution in San Francisco. With releases Ice man George Gervin
& Leading Scorer Edition His songs typically involve him praising his fellow hoods while growing as a family man while learning the industry 600breezy also known as Six O Breezo
He has production from Zaytoven, Metro Boomin London on Da Track to name a few.

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