600 Jokes About The Opps

January 4, 2104 600 black disciple members Qwap600and 600breezy made Negative jokes about Rival gang members Family ,life, and themselves. On an Instagram Video shows a 15sec long video of Qwap and breezy saying things like "I FOUND that n*gga tooka bus pass at the bus stop and rode that to his b*tch house to f*ck her and his momma!. F*ck Jojo too, Nigga was rollin untill that Mother***** Did a summer Sault of the bike, Mf bike still rollin down the hill as we speak,". also saying " bught that n*gga lil jay a fire extinguisher, his *ss Sen got smoked 18 times, F*CK JOJO, F*CK, TOOKA, TYQUAN, AND YO MAMAM B*TCH!". 



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