Backdoor (Slang Meaning)

Back Door is a slang term used to refer to an individual who’s backstabbed by a friend or ally. For example, an individual who’s invited to an event by friends and then murdered at the event, is referred to as being backdoored. The term comes from an individual leaving a backdoor in a house opened so enemies can get easy access. Another example of this is a female seducing an unsuspecting guy, go to his house and leave a backdoor open for goons to run in to rob or kill him.

Backdoor Hip Hop Examples

King Shoota was killed in 2016 while attending a funeral of a gang member his gang was allied with at the time. During the funeral, King shoota was shot and killed. Many claim he was backdoored, which ended the alliance between the two gangs.

Backdoor Hacks

Backdoor is also used to refer to attacks by hackers which exploits program to leave spots that grant them easy access to the systems.

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