Bump J

Bump J was born Terrance Boykin in Chicago,Illinois and is often referred to as the "Chief Of Chicago". He is a rap artist whose career was put on hold in 2009 after being sentence to 10 years in prison for taking part in an armed bank robbery. Bump J is a member of the street gang known as the Four Corner Hustlers, which is a faction of the Vice Lords. Bump J's name comes from the notorious 1930's gangster Ellsworth Raymond Johnson, whom went by the nickname Bumpy.

Chicago producer Xtreme Beats discovered Bump J in 2003, and introduced him to Kanye West's former manager, Phil Edwards, and record industry executive Free Maiden. Bump J was a member of the group Goon Squad which consisted of rappers such as Sly Polaroid, Point, Brainz Hustla and China Man.

Bump J Robbery

In 2008, Bump J was charged with one count of bank robbery and violation of federal firearms statutes for his part in a Chase Bank robbery that took place in January 4, 2007. According to eyewitnesses, Bump J and another gunman held up the Chase Bank at gunpoint and forced employees to give them $108,135 in cash. Bump J faced life in prison for his part in the robbery, but on June 26, 2008, Bump J signed a plea deal in which he admitted his guilt and ended up getting 10 years.

Bump J Record Deal

After being introduced to Free Maiden and signing to his label Free For Life, Bump J landed a record deal with Atlantic Records, however, the relationship would end before he was able to drop any albums. According to Bump J, Atlantic decided to drop him from the label because of Free Maiden, he claim Atlantic Records had a difficult time dealing with Free and thought it was in their best interest to end the relationship. During an interview, Bump J claimed the Chase Bank robbery might have never happened if Free didn't delay signing the papers to end the deal. Once the papers were signed, Bump J was due to receive a couple hundred thousand dollars from Atlantic for releasing him, but Free didn't sign the papers until after the robbery happened.

Bump J Mixtapes and Albums

Bump J has released numerous mixtapes which includes Chief Of Chicago, Welcome To Grimeyville, Automaddict, Introduction Of A Gangsta, Word On Da Street, Live From Bedrock, Remember Me, and numerous others.

Bump J was getting ready to release his first album titled 'Nothing To Lose' while signed to Atlantic Records, however, due to the fallout between Bump J and Atlantic, the album was never released.

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