Chicago Jokes

List of Chicago jokes.

  • Teachers in Chicago take guns from students like phones and give them back at the end of class.
  • Chicago jokes never get old just like the n*ggas that live there.
  • Chicago n*ggas make RIP shirts in art class.
  • Chicago teachers watch the late night news to see who won't be in class the next day.
  • Chiraq n*ggas get gift cards to funeral homes for their birthdays.
  • Chicago n*ggas yearbook is the obituary.
  • Chicago n*ggas write their wills in kindergarten during arts and craft.
  • Chicago n*ggas start collecting Social Security at age 20.
  • Chicago n*ggas go through a midlife crisis at age 9.
  • Chicago n*ggas go to jail for a better life.
  • Chiraq Jehovah's witness hold you at gun point while preaching.
  • Chicago n*ggas sing gangsters paradise at church.


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