Clocking (Trend)

Clocking is a trend that was started by youtube in one of their April fool prank videos. It was apparently created by Dylan Singh. Clocking is done by raising your arm up to form the shape of a watch’s hands and moving them to resemble the location’s actual time. In the youtube video, the director of clocking, Per De Graff said clocking came to be because of the importance of time to human, they dictate when, how, and what we do, thus becoming a clock will put us into the control of our own destiny.

Per De Graff said that the difference between planking and clocking is that planking was making a statement about space, while clocking is making a statement about time. Apart from this trend, youtube also had the following trends in their April fool video, Finish Lining, Butter Fail, Baby Shaming, Glub Glub Water Dance, Elaborate Divorce, Bun nutting, and Kissing Dad.

New Clocking Trend

Though the actual clocking trend is a prank and requires a user to stand at a fix location for hours, with some modifications it could become practical. For instance, instead of standing at a fix location for hours, a clocker should instead go to multiple locations, move the clock hands during each picture, and then form a collage with all the pictures.

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