DJ Nate

DJ Nate whom was born ‘Nathan Clark’ is a rapper from the West Side of Chicago. He started out his music career by creating instrumentals known as ‘Footwork Traks’, and a few years later he would go on to start his rap career. DJ Nate’s ‘Gucci Goggles’ is probably his most famous song to date, it has received over 500 thousand view on youtube. DJ Nate also goes by the name “Baka Da Flexxbabii”.

DJ Nate Robbed

During 2013, DJ Nate was robbed on camera by another rapper from Chicago known as ‘Nico Montana’. While walking the streets and being filmed, Nico Montana gave him a handshake and as DJ Nate turned his back to talk at the camera, he was sucker punched from behind by Nico. Nico than proceeded to punch him some more and robbed him of his belongings. Nico Montana left with his Gucci belt, he would have taken his earrings, but when Nico asked Nate if they were real, he said no. After assaulting and robbing DJ Nate, Nico Montana rode off on his bike and said “Hey it’s Nico Montana, I’m f*cking n*ggas up, you hear me? All of these West Side superstars, I’m f*cking em up”.

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