Dlow Dlow is a rapper and bop dancer from Chicago, Illinois. He is well known for his bopping abilities, a dance which originated from Chicago’s West Side. Dlow claims to be the king of bop along with Lil Kemo. He and Kemo have gone to numerous TV Programs to show their bopping abilities to the world. At the moment bopping is still only popular in Chicago, but as Chicago’s music spreads around the world, more specifically drill music, bop dance is spreading along with it.

Dlow’s popularity skyrocketed after releasing a video titled the Dlow Shuffle, in which he displayed a new dance named after himself, The Dlow shuffle is a bop dance customized by Dlow. Soon after the release of the ‘Dlow Shuffle’ video, him and Lil Kemo were invited to the Steve Harvey show to do the Dlow Shuffle, as well as the Fox 32 channel in Chicago . In March 2014, Dlow made the announcement that he had signed a record deal with Atlantic Record. He posted the following on his Instagram regarding the deal “Man God Is Great It Is Offical I’m Finally Signed To Atlantic records My Dreams Finally Came True We Made It Y’all My Family Ain’t Gotta Hurt Nomo My Friends Ain’t Gotta Hurt Nomo My City Ain’t Gotta Hurt Nomo @dexmillion changed my life and I owe him the world man dse The Squad”

Dlow – On Steve Harvey Performing The Dlow Shuffle

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