Doughboyz Cashout

Doughboyz Cashout is a rap group from Detroit which formed in 2006. They were signed to Young Jeezy’s record label CTE (Corporate Thugz Entertainment) in 2013. Doughboyz Cashout has released numerous mixtapes which includes ‘The Tester’, ‘Free Roc’, and ‘We Run The City’ as well as numerous other mixtapes. Some of their more popular videos on Youtube include ‘Ballin Like My Brother’, ‘Good Ass Night’, ‘Da Mob’, and ‘Woke Up’ as well as numerous others.

Doughboyz Cashout Members

  • HBK
  • Payroll
  • Doughboy Quis
  • Doughboy Dre

HBK Robbed In Detroit

While in the Cobo Hall in downtown Detroit, HBK was swarmed by a group of men, whom proceeded to knock him out and rob him of his jewelries. Icewear Vezzo and Green Guy Webbie later took credit for the attack on HBK.

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