Draya Michele

Draya Michele was born on January 23, 1985, in Pennsylvania, US. She is of half Italian descent but a citizen of America. She is a model and also fiancé of famous athlete Orlean Scandrick. Their relationship has been on and off, but seems to be stable now. The couple is very active on social media and always keeps their fans updated.

Draya Michele has an 11 year old son name Kniko. It is not very clear, and Draya hasn’t been much open about it, of who the father of Kniko (her son) is. Few sources also say that the Basketball Wives LA star admitted in 2011 that Gilbert Arenas is the real father of Kniko. Kniko loves basketball already. Draya Michele dated Chris Brown in the past for a while.

Draya Michele Career and Net Worth

Her career came into limelight when she was staring in music videos for Jay-Z, Kanye West, Usher, Nicki Ming and Pleasure P. Statistics say that her net worth is about 300-400 thousand dollars. She is one of the highest paid models. Reports say that she gets paid 2.5 times more than her counterparts because of growing demands. She also earns by hosting a party, going as guest in a party. Draya also earns from her swim suit line called Mint Swim- the Viceroy collection. Draya Michele became a household name when she came in Basketball Wives LA. Basketball Wives LA is a VH1 TV Series which revolves around the lives of women who were in one way or other romantically involved NBA players.

Draya Michele was the main character in the first four seasons, but has now decided to quit. She feels that life should be kept personal and she doesn’t want her every action to be judged and be public.

Draya Michele Personal Life

She tweets regularly and recently posted picture of her manicured hand with a ring. People had their own perceptions and flooded with comments, tweets and RT. Well, definitely she loves being active on social network. She makes sure her sets always have food, because she is always hungry. She is die-hard non-vegetarian and cannot live veg.

A model mother of an 11 year old and fiancé of Orlean; Draya Michele is heartthrob of many and continues to stay so.

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