Duke Da Beast

Duke Da Beast is a drill rapper from Chicago, Illinois. Duke Da Beast has numerous videos posted on youtube; one of his most popular one to date is ‘Runnin Thru A Check’ featuring FBG Duck. He’s also affiliated with the Gangster Disciples gang from Tay City in the South Side of Chicago. Duke Da Beast can be one of the best rappers in chicago. Duke also sometimes shows favoritism to the auto-tune affect in his songs.

Duke Da Beast’s videos often have a little white kid in it, which tends to baffle certain viewers due to the fact that the vast majority of people in the video are black. That white kid, known as ‘Snowball’ is actually Duke Da Beast’s adopted brother. Another thing viewers are often confused about is the fact that Duke Da Beast, whom is a GD, has collaborated with certain Fly Boy Gang members such as FBG Duck, while in a group with S. Dot, a 600 Black Disciples gang member (600 is currently at war with FBG’s gang). The reason they collaborate is because of early friendship and family ties; Duke Da Beast is S. Dot’s cousin.

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