FRFR (Slang Meaning)

FRFR is an acronym which stands for ‘For real for real.’ This slang is widely used in social networks such as twitter, instagram, facebook, and snapchat among others. The actual meaning of the acronym is also used in everyday speech.

FRFR Examples

  • If someone says something that most agree with, someone else might reply FRFR. For example, person A say, Nas is the greatest rapper of all time, and person B replies, FRFR.
  • Dude never hung on our block, we just knew him cause he’s related to some of the guys here, for real for real.
  • In the rap song ‘Nah Fr,’ S. Dot raps, “We gonna slide it’s a drill, I ain’t joking I’m fo real, fo real fo real.”

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