Fo Nick (Slang Meaning)

Fo Nick (Four Nick) is a slang term used to refer to .45 caliber weapons. The Fo stands for the number "four," while Nick is short for "Nickel (5 cents)" and stands for the number 5. Nickel is widely used to refer to the number 5 in slang terms, for instance, a $5 bag of narcotics is often referred to as a "Nickel Bag."

This term is widely used in Hip Hop, especially in Gangsta sub genres such as Drill and Trap. In Cdot Honcho's "Honcho Freestyle," he raps, "N*ggas acting up, where the f*ck his head at? - Fo Nick beam wherever his head at." In Young Pappy's "Shooter" ft. Lil Shawn, Pappy raps "Stop flexing you ain't gon' blow sh*t down! - This fo 'nick got so much kick, when I let this b*tch spit - Even I'm gon' get down!"

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