Glizzy Gang

Glizzy Gang is a rap group from the Washington D.C. (DMV). The most well-known member of the Glizzy Gang is rapper Shy Glizzy whom at one point and time was beefing with Chicago rapper Chief Keef and fellow DC rapper Fat Trel. Though the beef was never squashed, members on all side of the beef have been taking fewer shots at each other on songs.

Some of Glizzy Gang's most popular songs include Do It, Clientele, and US among others.

Glizzy Gang Members

All members of the Glizzy Gang have adopted Glizzy as their last names. The following are the current and past members of the Glizzy Gang:

  • Shy Glizzy
  • Ant Glizzy
  • Snipe Glizzy
  • Plies Glizzy
  • Quette Glizzy

Glizzy Gang - Do it

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