Guwop Gang (TTD)

The Day Niggaz Took Over

Formerly known as TTD (Trained To Drill) Guwop Gang is a mixed set, consisting of black p stones and renegade stones. Named after Tracy BabyGuwop Gipson, GuwopGang just might kill you, today or tommorrow. Don't come outside.



Wopgang aint for none. FTO EBK. People be marching like "STOP THE VIOLENCE" but the wops be like "na" it's kill or be killed, drill or be drilled.Guwop Gang, from 75th street, is heavilly affiliated with 71st & East End's LPCMB gang which consists of GD's and Renegade GD's. They also have ties to Terror Town's NLMB from 78th & Essex.

Don't Believe The Hype(s)

Guwopgang be chillin on 75th, we're just human beings like everyone else.





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