Hobos (Gang)

Hobos is a violent street gang operating in Chicago, Illinois that was crippled in 2013 as a majority of its leaders and enforcers were indicted in a federal racketeering conspiracy (RICO). According to the FBI and Chicago Police Department, the Hobos operated a wide range of drug distribution centers in Chicago’s South Side, in the area known as the Low End. They are considered one of the most violent gangs operating in Chicago, and are known to carry out brutal punishment including murder for anyone interfering with their business dealings. The Hobos gang contains members from both the Gangster Disciples and the Black Disciples gang. According to authorities, the leader of the Hobos gang was Gregory Chester, who also went by the nicknames “Bowlegs,” “Big Homie,” “Pops,” and “Desjuar Anderson.

Informant Murder

Keith Daniels was a 27 year old Heroin dealer turned informant for the police. In an attempt to better his life and leave behind his criminal past, Keith Daniels took on an informant job with the FBI and the Chicago Police Department which paid him $28,000 to support his family which included a son. Though his family had no idea that he was a paid informer (snitch), they realized there was something off with him when he started alienating his son and family, they would later learned his actions were to protect them from the dangers of his job. On April 14, 2013 Keith Daniels was murdered, he was shot 16 times in front of his child and girlfriend; the day before his murder, police had phone recordings of one of the Hobos gang leaders in jail, telling one of his associates that Keith Daniels was wearing a wire. Though no Hobos member were charged with Daniels’ murder under the RICO indictment, authority claim that they plan to charge 3 Hobos gang members with the murder of Keith Daniels.

Indicted Hobos Gang Members

  • Gregory Chester, 36, of Richton Park (Hobos Gang Leader)
  • Arnold Council, aka “Armstrong” and “Hobo,” 37
  • Paris Poe, aka “Poleroski,” 33
  • Gabriel Bush, aka “Louie,” 34
  • Stanley Vaughn, aka “Smiley,” 36
  • William Ford, aka “Joe Buck,” 33
  • Gary Chester, aka “Chee,” 35
  • Byron Brown, aka “B-Rupt,” 28.
  • Rodney Jones, aka “Milk,” 26

Hobos Gang Murdered Victims

  • Wilbert Moore, who was killed by Council and Poe on January 19, 2006, because he was cooperating with law enforcement.
  • Terrance Anderson was murdered by Bush and others on September 1, 2007.
  • Eddie Moss was murdered by Byron Brown and others on December 14, 2007.
  • Larry Tucker was murdered by Bush, the Brown brothers, and others on January 20, 2008.
  • Kenneth Mosby was murdered by Byron Brown and others on May 12, 2008.

Hobos Gang Drug Spots

  • The building and area located at 4429 South Federal, within the former Robert Taylor Homes, which was controlled and managed by Gregory Chester.
  • The area around 47th Street and Vincennes Avenue, which was controlled by Bush and Vaughn and operated by Ford.
  • The area around 51st Street and Calumet Avenue, which was managed by the Brown brothers and Jones.
  • The area around 51st Street and Martin Luther King Drive, which was controlled by Bush.

Hobos Gang Racketeering Conspiracy Charge Details

  • Used gang-related terminology, symbols, and gestures, including the slogan “Hobo or Nothing” and a hand sign known as the “Hobo Horns”
  • Shared the proceeds of robberies and the trafficking of narcotics
  • Obtained, used, brandished, and discharged firearms in connection with the enterprise’s illegal activities
  • Managed the procurement, transfer, use, concealment, and disposal of firearms and dangerous weapons within the enterprise to protect their interests and further their goals
  • Monitored law enforcement radio frequencies and acquired radio equipment to detect and avoid law enforcement inquiry into their illegal activities
  • Had nominees obtain rental vehicles to conceal their use while committing illegal activities
  • Identified victims from whom they could obtain distribution quantities of controlled substances or large sums of money by robbing them
  • Conducted surveillance of intended murder and robbery victims, a practice referred to as “lamping” and “doing homework"
  • Restrained and murdered victims and witnesses to prevent their escapes and to prevent identification of themselves and their associates.

Hobos Gang in Hip Hop

In 2014, G. Count (LEP Bogus Boys), a Chicago rapper and member of the Black P. Stones gang mentioned the Hobos in his “Chiraq (Remix)” song. In it, he said “You ain't plugged on the Low End you don't know Twins or the Hobos.” This line was referring to The Game’s claim of knowing people from the Low End in Tyga’s “Chiraq To LA.” In the song, the Game, a Bloods gang member, said “I'm on the low end with my n*gga Par K.” Tyga’s song was a diss aimed at Chicago rapper Durk-Rap Artist" class="wiki wikinew text-danger tips">Lil Durk, a Black Disciples gang member.

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