Honey Cocaine

Honey Cocaine was born Sochitta Sal in Cambodia. As a youth, Honey Cocaine moved to Toronto, Canada with her parents in order to escape their impoverish life in Cambodia. She didn’t speak English prior to moving to Canada, thus she had to learn it. She is an American rapper and was signed to Tyga’s label ‘Last Kings’ after releasing a couple of videos on youtube. Honey Cocaine says her name is a metaphor for ‘Sweet and addictive music’ with the honey representing the sweet part, and cocaine representing the addictive part.

At the early age of 6, Honey Cocaine began writing poetry, and as she aged and her English started improving, she started rapping. By the time Honey Cocaine was 11 years old, she was already heading to studios to record songs.

Honey Cocaine Shot

In March 19, 2012 Honey Cocaine was doing a show with Tyga in Omaha, Nebraska. As the show was about to end, some of the attendants started throwing items on stage. Tyga became furious at their actions, and eventually stopped the show to ask who was throwing those items, he also told them to meet him outside. According to police, as Tyga left Omaha in his tour bus with his entourage, they were followed by a sedan, and soon after shots were fired into their tour bus which resulted in 2 of Tyga’s entourage being shot. Honey Cocaine was shot in the arm, and Derrick Lowe was grazed with a bullet in the hip. Both Honey Cocaine and Derrick Lowe made full recoveries from their wounds.


Honey Cocaine often refers to herself as a daddy’s girl, because growing up she had 6 siblings and all of them of were brothers. After her family moved to Canada from Cambodia, once her father got a job good enough to move them into a decent home, she was given the master bedroom.

Freddy E

Freddy E was often mistaken for Honey Cocaine’s boyfriend, however according to Honey Cocaine they were only friends. They first met while performing a show in Seattle Washington where Freddy introduced himself to her as a fan. They then exchanged numbers and kept in contact. After talking to each other over the phone for a while, Freddy E tried to take their relationship to another level, however, Honey Cocaine was not interested and cited long distance as her reasoning, as well as wanting to mainly focus on her career. According to Honey Cocaine, Freddy E accepted her decision, and the two continued their friendship. In January of 2013, Freddy E would commit suicide which led many to believe it was a result of his failed relationship with Honey Cocaine, however, Honey Cocaine has responded to those claims by calling her critics ignorant, and claim none of them knew much about the extent of her relationship with Freddy E.

Music Career

Honey Cocaine’s music style is very similar to that of Tyga, and tends to appeal to the younger generation. Honey Cocaine has released numerous mixtapes to date including “Fuck Yo Feelings Vol. 1”, “90’s Gold”, and “Thug Love. Some of Honey Cocaine’s most popular songs include “ChiChi Get The Yayo” , “Love Coca(Love Sosa)”, “Bad Gal”, “Runaway Bride”, and “All Gold Everything” among others.

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