Insane Gangster City Knights

Insane Gangster City Knights Gang Information

Insane Gangster City Knights (City Knights, CKs, CKN, ICKN) is a gang founded in Chicago, Illinois. They are a member of the Folks Nation. Their members are mostly Latino. Their symbols include the Chess Knight, Reaper, and the Sickle. Their colours are Black and Grey.

Insane Gangster City Knights Gang History

The Insane Gangster City Knights started on the corner of 48th and Wood in Chicago, Illinois, in the late 1980s. City Knights were a neutron crew who decided not to join the Folks nor People alliance. The City Knights were formed due to constant problems with the Saints and the Satan Disciples. Satan Disciples are/were Folks whereas Saints were neutral. Upon formation of City Knights they had slight relationship with Party Players lasting for some years, then war broke out between them in the 90s. The result of this war was that CKs killed several Party Players from the 48th street causing Party Players to abandon their set at 48th Street. In 1994, CKs established a relationship with 51st and Wood Satan Disciples which brought the war between CKs and SDs to the end. In 1994, City Knights became the Insane Gangster City Knights and joined the Folks Nation under SD’s umbrella. During the 1990s, CKs continued an on and off conflicts with the Two Sixs which continues to this day. The CKs were also battling with Laraza in 1997 to 2001. CKs also have an on and off wide range of disputes with the Latin Souls. In the mid-1990s, a couple of City Knights members moved to the suburb of Waukegan, IL, and began a CK branch there. CKs have also opened shop in IL, Elgin, as well as on the corner of 58th and Albany in 2000. CKs have few alliances; they are aligned with the Satan Disciples. The CK’s relation with the Party Players ended ever since CK’s decided to join the Folks Nation.

Insane Gangster City Knights Gang Locations

  • 47th & Rockwell
  • 48th & Wood "Valley of Death"
  • 58th & Albany "Smoke Town"
  • Elgin,IL
  • Waukegan,IL
  • Woodstock,IL

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