Insane is a prefix various gangs add to their gang’s name because they don’t ally themselves with other sets of the gang. Various gangs have insane factions. When a gang is an Insane faction, such as Insane Gangster Disciples, they become “EBK(Every Body Killer”, which means they forgo all of their gang’s alliances, and they’re only out for their sets and alliances they have made,. For example a gang like the Gangster Disciples is a ‘Folk Nation’ gang, which means they have signed up to be part of the alliance with other gangs in the ‘Folk Nation’, by becoming Insane, that particular set forego alliances such as the ‘Folk Nation’.

The St Lawrence Boys which is considered an Insane Gangster Disciples set has both Insane Gangster Disciples and Insane Black Disciples members in it, the St Lawrence Boys is currently at war with various Black Disciples set, which is fine even though they have Insane Black Discples members in their gang. Individuals and gangs that are Insane, mostly refer to themselves as Insane; in rap lyrics by insane gang members they rarely say they are Black Disciples or Gangster Disciples, they simply call themselves insane.

The word insane can be confusing to some since many gang members have different meanings for the word insane. Some gang members claim that ‘Insane’ is a title mostly used by the Spanish Cobras Nation gang, and any other gangs using the “Insane” prefix means that they ride under the Cobra umbrella, and are in an alliance with other gangs using the prefix ‘Insane’. Certain members of the gangsters Disciples gang, claim any GDs set calling themselves Insane is committing a violation, and some people believe there is no such thing as an Insane Black Disciples.

So to conclude, the word insane varies, it really depend what set you’re talking about, especially since nowadays, gangs aren’t traditional, and some don't follow traditional rules. So when hearing the word insane from gang members it will vary.

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