J Da Kidd

J Da Kidd is a drill rapper from Chicago, Illinois. He rose to fame in 2015 after getting shot by 5 times in a shootout involving well-known Chicago rapper Lil Jay. Some of J Da Kidd's top songs include "F*ck Em," "Watch Out," and "Different" among others.

J Da Kidd vs Lil Jay Shooting

According to J Da Kidd, his crew used to be cool with Lil Jay's crew since they shared a mutual friend, however, when that link got locked up, their relationship soured. J Da Kidd also hinted that Lil Jay's crew might have been the reason he got locked up. In 2015, Lil Jay and some of his crew members attempted to rob J Da Kidd, which ended in a shootout. When the dust settled, J Da Kidd was shot 5 times, and one of Lil Jay's friends was dead. Lil Jay was later charged for the death of his friend and sentenced to 5 years.

J Da Kidd - Different (Music Video)

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