Ja Ja - Gang

Jaja gang is a Gangster Disciples set on 67th and St. Lawrence in the woodlawn neighborhood of Chicago. It was created in honor of fallen member Jalen “Jaja" Stogner. Jaja gang has been dissed numerous times in songs by rival gang rappers, such as in the song "Oblock 4 Life" by Chief Keef, in which Keef raps "I still remain f*ck Tooka gang - F*ck JaJa gang , f*ck Hoover gang - Die L'z for the f*cking lames."

Jalen "JaJa" Stogner Death

Jalen Stogner, 17, was shot and killed in front of his mother and two younger brothers outside a laundromat in the Back of the Yards neighborhood on Aug. 31, 2012. Alan Padilla, 17, was later charged for his death

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