Johnny Boy Da Prince

Johnny Boy Da Prince
Johnny Boy Da Prince
Johnny Boy Da Prince was born Johnny Taylor in Chicago, Illinois. He was an up and coming Rapper whom was fatally shot in Chicago before seeing his dream of becoming a superstar. John Boy’s music was part of the drill movement, which is widely criticized for its glorification of the gang life plaguing Chicago’s streets. Johny Boy had many videos on youtube which have received great reviews from fans and critics.

While growing up in Chicago’s rough streets, Johnny Boy had numerous altercations with the law dating back to 2008. He was arrested several times, mostly for possession of and dealing drugs. After serving some time in prison, Johnny met with his manager Dillard Florence and started recording songs. His manager warned that if he’s serious about the music industry, he shouldn’t stay away from the streets, which he did. He would go on to record more than 150 songs and was very close to signing a recording deal with Atlantic Records. According to Andrew Fetcher, an assistant at Atlantic Records, they were in the process of setting up a meeting to meet up with Johnny Boy Da Prince, and believe he would have had a flourishing career in the music industry.


On Wednesday January 9, 2013, just before midnight, Johnny was shot multiple times on the 100 block of South Springfield Avenue by unknown gunmen and was later taken to the hospital. His manager Florence said the doctor told him he was going to be ok, but the surgical doctors came out and told him Johnny didn’t survive his wounds; he was 23 years old. His manager also mention that Johnny started speaking against the violence he witnessed growing up in Chicago, one of his most recent songs was a song titled “Just Like You”, in which he spoke against the numerous senseless murders happening in Chicago. His murder was believed to have been a case of mistaken identity. Johnny left behind a 4 year old son.

Johnny Boy Da Prince – Just Like You song

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