Kid (Rapper)

Kid a rapper whom was born in December 27, 1996 in Rivera Beach. Kid's real name is Kinnrod Mercier and started rapping at age 15. At the age of 16 Kinnrod Mercier started his own label call 700 squad or 7Hunna but before he had the label called KidGang but lacked the money so he created a new label called 7Hunna.

Hit song: ain't bout me

Ain't bout me was a number one hit song on sound cloud it also was a diss track to a group called MTG but when ask about it he denied it was a diss track in said he was just playing with the the group. When ask if he was make new song's he said make is what love to do.
Kid's Music Carrier 
Kid is better now for his hit song Ain't bout me but he has song such as Hobby, Dat N*gger, in Chief Keef KayKay song but was renamed by Kid called we ballin,in he made a song called love no thotties remix,he made a remix off Jay-z song f*ck with

7Hunna Members

There are alot of member in 7Hunna here are some

Kid(CEO in founder)
Block boy trey (trevon bell)
Cus (marcus Coleman)(Vice CEO)
Michel Francois

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