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L.E.P Bogus Boys
L.E.P Bogus Boys
L.E.P Bogus Boys is a rap group from Chicago, Illinois currently consisting of 2 members, G. Count and Moonie. The group is actually is a merger between two groups, The LEP and The Bogus Boys. The LEP in their name stands for Low End Professional; Low End is an area in Chicago. The Bogus Boys in their name used to be a gang affiliated with Gangster Disciples’ founder Larry Hoover, since some of them were from the same neighborhood as the gang, they decided to adopt the name. The group was formed in 1998, though their fame is not in the level of rappers such as Kanye West or Chief Keef, they are often regarded as one of the best to come out of Chicago. Both members, Count and Moonie are gang members, Count is a member of the Black P. Stone gang while Moonie is a member of the Four Corner Hustlers. The group’s rise in the rap scene has been marred by incarcerations and deaths, but the Low End Professionals, determined to achieve their dreams, pushed through it all, in what is nothing short of a trial and triumph story.

LEP Bogus Boys Members and History

LEP and Bogus Boys used to be two different groups. LEP at its birth consisted of two rappers, Count and Larro whom also went by the name “Lil Lar”. Both Count and Larro are from Chicago’s Ickies projects. While LEP was an established group, Moonie was soon signed to Infrared Music Group, the label LEP was signed to. Coonie used to bring one of his family members, Rugg, to do rap battles, freestyles with them. Due to competition, the members of the group started pursing solo careers, which would eventually lead to the birth of The Bogus Boys.

In 2001, hard times fell upon the LEP Bogus Boys; Ronald “Law” Colverson would become a victim of the violence that they frequently reference in their songs; he was murdered in Chicago. During that same year, Moonie was locked up for 5 years. With two of the group’s most prominent members out of the picture, they slowed down for a bit. Following Moonie’s release from prison, they soon found themselves in the midst of another tragedy. In 2006, another one of their members Laronson “Larro” Kellum would lose his life to the harsh streets of Chicago. That would not be their last tragedy, in 2010, another one of their members, Larry “Pacman” Johnson, was gunned down in Chicago, and died 2 hours later in the hospital. As of now the group has only two members, Count and Moonie.


LEP Bogus Boys are often classified in the Gangsta Music subgenre of Hip Hop. In an interview, they described the members’ roles as such; Moonie is the ladies’ man and smooth hustler while Count is a straight up gangster on the tracks. Their music tells the story of Chicago’s harsh street and paint a picture for those not familiar with the area. Some of their best songs include Commas Featuring Lil Wayne and Mase, Claim My Sh*t, and Rap Sh*t among others.

LEP Bogus Boys VS Tyga and Game Beef

In mid 2014, a beef erupted between Chicago rapper Lil Durk and Los Angeles rapper Tyga. Durk delivered the first blow by releasing a freestyle on Nicki Menaj and Lil Herb's "Chiraq" record. Tyga soon follow with a freestyle of his own targeting Durk, but apparently Tyga needed help and enlisted the help of rapper Bloods gang member Game whom is signed to the same label as him. Lot of Chicago rappers felt that the beef was between Durk and Tyga, and the fact that Game whom is from LA got himself involved was a slap to the growing Chicago rap scene, Count decided to drop his own freestyle dissing Game and Tyga. On May 15th, Atlanta rapper T.I helped end the beef between the two artists. He arranged a phone call between the two and tweeted that they had ended the beef.

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