LOL (Slang)

"LOL" is an acronym which has numerous meanings. It's mostly used as slang for 'Laughing Out Loud." And “Lots of Laughs”. "LOL" was invented as a way for people chatting online to make others away of statements they find funny, nowadays, people use lol for about anything, not just when they find something funny. For instance, when someone say something online, if an individual has nothing to say, he/she might just say “LOL”. Many chat and communication software have a lol smiley face.

Another definition for lol is “League Of Legends”. League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that is played by a large amount of individuals throughout the world. The game was

Trey Songz had a song titled "LOL" which was released in 2009 which featured Gucci Mane & SouljaBoy Tellem.

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