Levels To This (Meaning)

Levels To This is a slang word that became popular after rapper Meek Mill released his song ‘Levels To This Sh*t”, in which he stated “Lil n*gga we don't rock the same clothes, f*ck the same ho*s - Cuz its levels to this shit - Lil n*gga we don't drive the same whips, we don't f*ck the same chicks - Cuz its levels to this sh*t”.

This slang is used to point out the fact that most things in life are not equal and there’s a hierarchy to most them. For instance, when Meek Mill says “Lil n*gga we don't rock the same clothes”, he’s pointing out the fact that people with large amount of money are able to afford clothes that most people working at McDonalds are unable to afford, hence they’re not on his level.

Though most people use the term ‘There’s levels to this shit’, lot of people simply say ‘there’s levels to this’. This term is heavily used by people trying to belittle others, for instance, if someone compliment someone for having a nice/expensive watch, that individual might turn around and say ‘Well you know how it is, there’s levels to this sh*t’.

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