Lil Duke

Lil Duke is a Drill rapper and gang member from Chicago, Illinois. Lil Duke is a member of GVG (Day Day World), a renegade set of the Gangster Disciples. Since Lil Duke is a renegade GD, it's very common to see him and fellow gang members claiming GDK and dropping rakes in their videos.

Lil Duke (GVG) Vs Young Pappy (PBG)

Lil Duke's gang is currently at war with Young Pappy's gang PBG, and both rappers have dissed each other in their songs. In Young Pappy's "Competition" song, he raps "F*ck Day Day" and "F*ck Lil Duke, these shots for him." On May 29, 2015, Young Pappy was shot to death at the 4800 block of North Kenmore Avenue. A few months after his death, Lil Duke released a diss song aimed at Pappy and his gang titled "Go Krazy ft Young Gino." In Go Krazy, Lil Duke raps, "I might be smoking on Pappy."

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