Lil Mouse

Lil Mouse whose real name is “Mouse Myers” is a young rapper from Chicago. Lil Mouse was born in 1999. He has received a lot of criticism due to his age and rap style, which contains a lot of violent lyrics. Lil Mouse’s rap style can be considered part of gangsta rap or more specifically drill music. Lil Mouse gained notoriety after his song “Get Smoked” was added Lil Wayne’s Dedication 4 mixtape.


How Old is Lil Mouse?

Lil Mouse is 15 years old as of 2014; his age has been at the center of most controversies surrounding him. Lil mouse first came to the spotlight after adding his video “Get Smoked” on youtube. The song contains numerous lyrics which many find inappropriate to be sung by someone his age. Some of the song’s lyrics include “I'm rollin', all my ni*as rollin' - .30 clip and them hollow tips have his a*s sitting in Roseland - Rollin' off a pill , p*ssies better chill - My ni*as in the field; you might get killed - Pancake-ass ni*a, I keep that sh*t real - .40 hit his face, BBQ his a*s like a grill”
Lil Mouse appeared on the cover of ‘Chicago Sun-Times’ where they questioned whether a kid his age making those songs and videos about guns, killings, and drugs is some form of child abuse. Fellow Chicago rap artist have also been critical of the young rapper , Rhymefest said in interview “This has clearly crossed over into child pornography when you have a 13-year-old child rapping about sex and about violence and drug selling" “We find that artists who glorify death in Chicago are being rewarded”.

Violent Concert

While holding a party for the release of an album at Mr. G’s Entertainment Center in Chicago’s South Side, a shootout took place as a result of a fight between three people at the party. Witnesses claim the shootout started after someone threw a chair, and described the scene that followed as pure chaos. When the dust settled, seven people were hit by bullets, but all of them are in stable condition and expected to make it. The Chicago police department has concluded that the shooting was gang related.

School Violence

Lil Mouse was accused of threatening and assaulting one of his fellow classmates, an 8 year old in the third grade. The victim’s grandmother claim that Lil Mouse approached his son in school, smacked him and threatened to kill him for snitching. In an interview with ‘Fox 32’, the grandmother expressed her worries "I wanna pack up and just go," "I've already lost one child and I don't want to lose another one." “The students, the eighth graders have grouped up together, made a phone call and said he's snitching, he need to get killed for snitching.” Lil Mouse was charged with assault and the third grader being assaulted was transferred to another school.

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