Lil Pat-Pluto

Lil Pat(AKA Pluto) was a 24 year old rapper from Chicago and member of the rap group OTF which is owned by rapper Lil Durk. On Friday  November 29, 2013, he was involved in a roll over car accident, when paramedics got to the scene he was dead. He also had two other passengers in the car, a 25 year old woman and a 33 year old woman whom both survived and were listed in stable condition after the accident.

Following Lil Pat's death, many of his friends and families went on various social networks to express their griefs, Fredo Santana tweeted “I love my n*ggas we all we got rip Pluto squad”, Lil Durk wrote on Instagram “I ain’t want to post a pic answer the phone or sh*t I’m lost #RIPPLUTO”, OTF Nunu wrote on Instagram “Smd i swear ion wanna believe yu gone bro sh*t cant be real man yu was like blood to me nd yu gone smd ima miss yu bro RIP PLUTO #MrTurnUp #OTF”.

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