Lil Shawn

"Lil Shawn" Lil Shawn (born Shawn Randall) is a rapper and gang member from Chicago, Illinois. Lil Shawn's music falls under the hip-hop sub-genre known as Drill Music, which details the daily life of gang members. Lil Shawn is a Gangster Disciple gang member from the set known as PBG. In May 2015, Young Pappy, a fellow gang member and well-known rapper was shot dead by rival gang members; numerous shooting retaliations took place, including the shooting of Clifton Frye, a 17 year old whom was shot for dissing Young Pappy.

Lil Shawn Shoots Rival In Front Of His Kids

On July 17, 2015, 22-year-old Vallan Francis, a gang member, spotted Shawn "Lil Shawn" Randall riding on a bicycle while playing with his 3 kids and Fiancee. Francis knew Lil Shawn was a rival (opp) and decided to move the kids inside for their own safety, while bringing the toys inside, Lil Shawn walked back with a hoodie pulled over his head and opened fire on Vallan Francis, striking him 4 times. Prosecutors claim the fiancee and all 3 children witnessed their father getting shot. Francis was taken to the hospital and later pronounced dead. Lil Shawn was later arrested and held without bail.

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