List Of Rappers Who Got Robbed

Robbery Youtubecover Rappers love to show off their jewelries, so it comes to no surprise that a number of them have been victims of robbery. This list shows the various rappers whom at one time or another were forced to give up their jewelries.

2 Chainz

2 Chainz was robbed in San Francisco in 2013. While walking with some associates, a group of men appeared out of nowhere and started shooting, 2 Chainz turned into a track star and ran for his life, but according to police reports, he stumbled, his cell phone and wallet were robbed. He originally claimed he didn’t get robbed, but then the video came out.

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy used to be cool with Chief Keef and his Glory Boyz squad, until one day Ballout robbed him of his chain. Though the chain was later revealed to be a fake, Ballout can be seen wearing it in many of his videos.


In what many believed to have been retaliation for Soulja Boy getting robbed, Tadoe was robbed of his watch in LA, a crip gang member would later post pictures showing off Tadoe’s watch. Nipsey Hussle, a Crip gang member, was in Chicago doing a show a little while after Tadoe’s robbery, multiple shots were fired in his tour bus.

Prodigy (Mobb Deep)

In 2000, while filming a video, muggers ran up on Prodigy with guns and robbed him of jewelries worth 343 thousand dollars. Though some of the jewelries belonged to Prodigy, most of them were rented.

Tyga –

Tyga has been robbed numerous times. He was robbed for his chains in 2008 by 40 Glocc, but Tyga insisted that 40 robbed his robbers, not him. Tyga would later gain back his chain after someone paid 40 Glocc to get them back, Tyga claim he had nothing to do with that transaction and it was OGs that respected him that got it back.

Yung Berg

Young Berg was robbed of his Transformers chain in 2008. Young Berg’s robber would later post pics of himself online with the stolen chain. Young Berg was also robbed of his Batman chain in 2011.

Ja Rule

Ja Rule was robbed in 2000 by 50 Cent’s friend. Ja Rule later informed Irv Gotti of what happened, Irv got Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff, a major NY gangster at that time, to use his power to retrieve the chain, which he successfully did. 50 Cent claims that this robbery is what started his beef with Ja Rule.

Jim Jones

Jim Jones was robbed of one of his chain by Tru Life. Jim Jones later saw some members of Tru Life and tried attacking them, things didn’t end well for Jones, and Tru Life left with some more of his jewelries.

Trinidad James

Trinidad James was allegedly robbed for his jewelries by NY rapper Mysonne for comments he made about New York before the robbery. A bystander described the robbery as such "chains, watch, shades; Gone! There was nothing left but hair, teeth and the phone he dialed 911 on.”


Gunplay had a scuffle with some G-Unit affiliates at the BET awards, during the scuffle his chain was snatched. That chain would later appear around the neck of rapper 50 Cent.

Waka Flocka Flame

Waka Flocka’s chain was stolen while performing at a concert. While on stage, a female in the audience snatched the chain from Waka’s neck and ran, Waka didn’t care too much for the chain based on video of the event.

Louie V Gutta –

Louie V Gutta was robbed at gunpoint of 40 thousand worth of jewelries inside a waffle house in Atlanta. Louie V Gutta was with 2 associates at the time of the robbery.


While getting his hair cut at a barbershop, multiple gunmen stormed the place and fired multiple shots; they then proceeded to rob everyone including Brisco. Brisco’s chains and vehicle were among the items stolen from him.

HBK Doughboyz Cashout

HBK was robbed in the Cobo Hall in downtown Detroit. While in the Cobo Hall, a group of men swarmed HBK and knocked him out, they then proceeded to take all the jewelries he had on him. Icewear Vezzo and Green Guy Webbie took credit for the attack.

Billionaire Black

Billionaire Black was apparently robbed of his chain by rival gang members in Chicago. Lil Marc, a rival gang member, mentioned it in his song ‘Zeko World’.

Foxy Brown

Foxy Brown was attacked in 2007 by multiple females and robbed of her belongings. The incident took place when Foxy broke up with her boyfriend after learning that he was a pimp. Her boyfriend then got some of his girls to rob Foxy Brown. Though Foxy Brown initially identified the attackers, she later decided she wasn’t a snitch, and claimed the whole ordeal never happened.


While performing at a concert in England in 2009, Coolio attempted to stage dive, everyone moved out of the way and the crowd proceeded to rob him of his watch, chains and glasses.

Fred The Godson

A video started surfacing in 2010 showing members of the Gang Land Piru in New York showing off Fred The Godson’s chain. Fred allegedly got the chain back.

Mike Jones

Mike Jones’ Ice Age chain was apparently stolen by his own friends. While sleeping at his place, he woke up and the chain was gone. According to Mike Jones, it couldn’t have been anyone else, since he had security at his place when the robbery took place.


Yukmouth, a member of the rap group Luniz, was beaten and robbed in 2010 by Suge Knight and his entourage. According to police report, Suge Knight and his crew made off with 92 thousand dollars of jewelries.

DJ Nate

One thing worse than a rapper getting robbed, is having it videotaped in HD resolution. Such was the case for DJ Nate, whom was robbed by fellow Chicago West Side rapper Nico Montana. DJ Nate was beat up and Nico Montana rode off on his bike with Nate’s designer belt.

Bizzy Bone (Bone Thugs)

Bizzy Bone was robbed in his hotel room for jewelries worth around 35 thousand dollars. Some women Bizzy was partying with tipped off the robbers of his location; they entered his room and assaulted him for his jewelries. One of the robbers was ironically employed as a gang intervention worker.

Lil Rod

Lil Rod was robbed in the street while walking to a friends house. He ran into rival gang members from TTB and was robbed of his glasses and phone he posted stuff about them in multiple posts on facebook.

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