List of Rappers Murdered in 2013

In 2013, over 20 rappers were murdered, many of them were victim of the same violence they spoke about in their songs. While some of them were targeted, many of them were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. This list is a reminder of the dangerous environment some rappers come from, and the importance of the phrase 'Making it out of the hood' has for some. Many of them had a promising career ahead of them and left behind loving friends and family; RIP to them all.

Johnny “Johnny Boy Da Prince” Taylor

Johnny Boy(23) was shot to death January 9, 2013 in Chicago; authorities believe it might have been a case of mistaken identity.

Justin “Yung Teddy” Mitchell

Yung Teddy(23) was gunned to death in his home on January 2nd 2013 by “Curley Dean Holden”. Moments before the incident, Yung tweeted about receiving death threats.

Evon “Yung LT” Young

Yung LT(22), a transgender rapper, went missing on January 2nd 2013. According to news reports, after Yung’s apartment was robbed and nothing of his was stolen, his roommate believed he committed the robbery. He was tied up, a bag was placed over his head and he was beaten. When Yung passed out, he was beaten harder… with blunt instruments. Then, he was shot multiple times. After that, they set him on fire… and then threw him away in a dumpster. 5 Individuals have been charged in his death including his roomate.

Addarren “Lil Snupe” Ross

Lil Snupe(18) was shot to death on June 20, 2013 by 36 year old Tony Holden over a video game dispute.

Kenneth “Kenny Cluth” Cherry Jr

Kenny Clutch(27) was gun down to death following an argument with Ammar Harris. While in traffic, Ammar’s vehicle pulled up next to Clutch and opened fire, Clutch’s Mazerati then swerved into traffic and slammed into a taxi causing it to explode into flames.

Eric “E-9”Andrews Jr

E-9(28) was shot and killed on December 29, 2013 by 2 brothers following a heated argument at a barbershop.

Glenn “Doe B “ Thomas

Doe B(22) was shot and killed on December 28, 2013 in Montgomery Alabama by Jason Quay McWilliams over an ongoing dispute.

Kevin "Flipside" White, aka "Dirty Kev

Flipside(44), a member of the OFTB rap group, was gunned down in LA on September 23, 2013 in front of his childhood home; authorities believe the murder was gang related.

Kenneth “Nu Money” Casilla

Nu Money(20), a Miami based rapper from Brooklyn, he was murdered while sitting in a car with 2 unidentified individuals in the Lil Haiti section of Miami on March 23, 2013.

Jeremy “Jit” Hill

Jit(23) was gunned down on September 1rst 2013 outside a strip club in Houston. After pulling in the parking lot, his vehicle was hit by a hail of gunshots from 4 suspects. Authorities believe the attack was unprovoked and was a case of jealousy.

Leonard “L’A Capone” Anderson

L’A Capone(17) was shot to death by rival gang members while coming out of a recording studio in Chicago on September 26, 2013.

Jeffrey “Lil Jeff” Morgan

Lil Jeff(21) was shot to death by rival gang members while attending a party in Chicago on March 12, 2013.

Sheresa "Shay K" Moore

Shay K(26) was killed on August 7, 2013 while pumping gas at the Citgo near Sherman and Capitol in Milwaukee.

James "OG Double D" Lewiel

OG Double D, a rapper and music executive was gunned down on April 26 2013 on I-20 while driving his Maybach.

Tyrell Young

Tyrell Young(22) was shot to death while filming a music video in a house party on April 21, 2013. A fight broke out when Tyrell stepped outside and some uninvited guests started beating him, the fight made its way to the backyard where Tyrell was shot, he was then rushed to the hospital but didn’t survive his wounds.

Deshaun “Lor D'Shaun” Jones

Lord D’Shaun, 15 years old and the youngest on the list, was shot on Saturday August 24 in Baltimore after an individual playing playing dice opened fire; multiple bystanders were hit including D’Shaun whom did not survive his injuries.

Russell “Rujo Trill” Jones

Rujo Trill’s body along with his mother and father were found in his parents’ home, all 3 of them murdered. According to investigators, Rujo’s brother ‘Steve Jones’ called asking for a welfare check on his family, when they arrived, investigators found large amounts of blood in the house and the body of all 3 victims were found burning in a field. Following an investigation, it was discovered that they were murdered by Rujo’s brother Ryan Jones (not the one who called for the welfare check).

Charlese “Ms Atlanta” Brooks

Ms Atlanta(34) was shot to death on October 8, 2013 while trying to break a fight between two females outside an Atlanta restaurant.

Ladarius “Don Darius” Brisco

Don Darius(17) was gunned down in Chicago on December 16, 2013 and died as a result of his injuries on December 19, 2013. Though there are no suspects in the case, authorities believe the shooting was gang related.

Tavache “Trife” Kizer

Trife(38) was a voice against the violence plaguing Chicago, on October 7 of 2013, he became a victim of that same violence he sang against. Trife was shot to death while visiting relatives in Chicago; authorities believe he wasn’t the intended target.

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