Loud Pack

Loud pack refers to any bag of Marijuana which has a strong smell or any Marijuana of high quality. Loud is another name used for potent Marijuanna.

Gang members have a tendency to describe their victims as weed, because when someone gets shot, it's often referred to as getting smoked. For instance a gang member might name their pack after a dead rival gang members, many rappers whom used to gang bang have named fallen rivals in their songs as weed packs. For instance in Chief Keef's War song, he said "I'm high off this Tooka pack - I'm high off this Aiki pack, I'm high off this TuTu Archer wiki and biography. Carlton was a 17 year Gangster Disciples gang member believed to have been killed by the Black Disciples." class="wiki wiki_page">Tu-Tu pack - Smoking on that JoJo whom was shot to death for wearing a Lil JoJo hoodie." class="wiki wiki_page">Jay Loud, smoking on that FatHead", all the individuals in that line were dead rival gang members.

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