Matti Baybee

Matti Baybee whose real name is Matthew Hess is a rapper from the South Side of Chicago. He was born on February, 1998. Though most current rappers from the South Side are part of the Drill Movement, Matti Baybee's song shy away from the violent topics often covered in Drill Music. Matti Baybee is related to Chief Keef, Fredo Santana, Tadoe, and Blood Money. In 2014, his cousin Blood Money was murdered days after signing a recording deal with Interscope.

Though Matti Baybee would tell his peers in school he wanted to be fireman or policeman, he claims all he really wanted to become was a rapper. Matti kicked off his rap career by putting remix to popular songs on his facebook, after realizing his songs were getting positive feedbacks, he decided to create songs of his own.

Some of Matti Baybee's most popular songs include Shopping Spree, GGUSM ft Lil Mouse, Young Flashy & Cocky Ft Tink, Somebody, and She Like among others.

Matti Baybee Ft Tink - Young Flashy & Cocky

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