Nate (Tyquan World)

Nate (007) is a member of Tyquan World (TW), a set of the Gangster Disciples located in Chicago, Illinois. 051 Melly was shot to death on September 1, 2019, at a house party being attended by multiple allied gangs. Many believed he was setup by one of the gangs attending the party. Soon after, CPD claimed Nate was a person of interest in his death. Nate was referenced in TB’s ‘Tyquan Way’ song in which TB rapped “Wooski and Lil Twan put n*ggas in dirt, 007 (Nate) put in all of dat work.”

Nate Rap Career

Prior to the Melly incident, Nate used to rap, tough it seems his rap career was short-lived. He has a music video on youtube from 2011 titled Let Em Talk, in which KI, a notorious fallen EBT member makes an appearance.

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