Oblock Ocho

Oblock Ocho is a rapper from Chicago, Illinois. He's a member of the rap group OBMG (O'Block Money Gang) along with fellow O'block resident Lil Gooch. Oblock Ocho is also a Black Disciples gang member from Wic City (Oblock) which is where the O'block in his name is from. Some of Oblock Ocho's most popular songs include "Grind," and "No Talking" among others.

Oblock Ochos Vs Chief Keef Beef

Many residents of Oblock including Ocho have distanced themselves from Chief Keef due to Chief Keef's lack of help. In 2014, Chief Keef tweeted that he was gonna buy O'block and move its members around, Oblock Ocho responded to the tweets, which then lead to Mane Mane 4CGG coming to help Chief Keef.

Oblock Ocho - Grind (Music Video)

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