Party Players (Gang)

Party Players (Almighty Party Players, APPN, PPN, PPs) is a People Nation gang founded in Chicago, Illinois. Most of their members are Latino. Their symbols include: the Playboy Bunny, Hatchet, Cross with Dots, and the 5-point Star. Their colors are Maroon and White. They are a very small gang; their member total is believed to be a little over 50.

Party Players History

The Party Players gang was formed near the South side of Chicago on the corner of the 24th and Wasthtenaw in the late 1970s. It was also in late 1970s when they decided to set-up a community in the Back of the Yards neighborhood in Chicago’s South Side. When they first formed, they were just a crew that partied and hung out together, hence why their name is the Party players. During the 1980s, the Saints rapidly started spreading in the Back of the Yards community and started picking up fights with the Party Players causing them to become a gangbanging crew which chose to stay independent, refusing to join neither Folks nor People Nation. Though independent, they found common grounds with the Two Sixs gang in their neighbourhood. The Two Sixs were also feuding with the Saints. Two sixs recognised the Party Players problems and decided to link up with the Party Players against the Saints. These 2 gangs became such good friends that Party Players adopted Two Sixs’ bunny with bent ear symbol as one of their own. By the late 1980s, Two Sixs began leaving Party Players areas hence making the two gangs not as close as they were before. In 1988, Party Players formed a new alliance with the Latin Kings and decided to join the People nation in that same year. Party Players later went on to spread to the Marquette Park neighborhood which is now their primary headquarters.

Party Players Locations

  • 48th St. & Wolcott "Player Town"
  • 65th & Spaulding
  • Burbank,IL
  • Lockport,IL
  • Rockford,IL
  • Lake Geneva,Wi

Former Locations

  • 24th & Washtenaw
  • 27th & Homan
  • 36th & Seeley
  • 53rd & Rockwell
  • 57th & Rockwell
  • 63rd & Whipple
  • 63rd & Troy "Trigger Town"
  • 65th & Sacramento
  • 73rd & Homan
  • Burbank,IL : 83rd & Laramie
  • Oak Lawn,IL
  • Delavan,Wi

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