Phubbing (Slang Meaning)

Phubbing is a slang term which describes the act of snubbing someone in order to use your cell phone. Phubbing is a combination between the word (ph)one and sn(ubbing). The term was originally created for a campaign organized by Macquarie Dictionary to describe the habit of snubbing someone in favour of a mobile phone. McCann Melbourne, the ad agency behind the campaign invited numerous writers to come with a term to describe this annoying act, they came up with "Phubbing." McCann Melbourne went on to create the Stop Phubbing campaign. The Stop Phubbing facebook page describes phubbing as "the rude social scourge of phone snubbing. It means to interact with a mobile phone in preference to people in a social setting."

Stop Phubbing Campaign

The Stop Phubbing campaign was an elaborate attempt to promote the Macquarie Dictionary of Australia; it included a film, website, and facebook page. The film titled "A Word is Born" which was also an ad for the Macquarie Dictionary of Australia, which detailled the process of coming up with the new word. The Stop Phubbing campaign website was credited to Australian college student Alex Haigh who had been interning at McCann. The Stop Phubbing campaign facebook page has thousands of users.

Phubbing: A Word is Born

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